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See What Our Happy Customers Have To Say About Jackman's Bathroom & Kitchen remodeling Roanoke

Finley Carter
Great bathroom remodelers in Roanoke! From calling them to finishing up the project, they were professional and friendly with us. The workers and manager were all on time and provided a high quality service. Excellent work and reasonable pricing!

A Google User

My friend kept on recommending me these bathroom remodelers in Roanoke for weeks and eventually I went with them. Very satisfied and happy with the end result. Great communication and customer service!


Jeffrey Mowbray

My go to company from now on if I need anything doen in my kitchen or bathroom. They were the first kitchen remodelers to answer the phone and to actually answer our questions and have a quick detailed quote. Their work and communication was great throughout the whole process. I'm spending more time in the kitchen because of how it looks like now.


Joana Pietrasanta

We had to get a new design to our bathroom, and they were the first to answer us and give us a quick detailed consultation. The process was smooth and we had a great experience for the with work they’ve done and with their customer care. Great bathroom remodelers and people, price was fairly reasonable, totally recommend them.


Recher Christy

We hired Jackman's Bathroom & Kitchen remodeling Roanoke as our kitchen remodelers since ours was not looking good anymore and their price was on-budget. They gave a sense of customer care and professional customer service, finished the up the remodeling project much faster than we thought and turned out to be an excellent work! Thanks again, you guys made it seem like we are a family.


John Humphrey

What an incredible bathroom remodeling contractors and what an incredible manager! The process from beginning to end went smoothly and they kept everything clean after each procedure. Our house is near Wasena, so they were very quick to come to us, great contractors overall. They were knowledgable and happy to answer all of wife's and my questions. The way our bathroom looks now is on another level.


Bernardo Whittaker

The owner helped us along this and him and his assistant were always available to answer my questions, and were very informative through the entire process. Every idea I had a question regarding something that we were about to do, the assistant and him would be quick to respond and ensure it's fully understood. We couldn't be any more satisfied and happier with the results of our bathroom remodel. It looks absolutely fantastic, we highly recommend them when it comes to your bathroom.


Grace Voss

Love the new look of my bathroom! Great customer service, communication, and work quality!


Brett Wilkinson

Fantastic experience with these bathroom remodelers! They kept everything clean and process was much faster than we thought.


Gloria Hamlet

Fantastic work! great quality, communication, and customer service.


Sharon Tellez

Top-notch kitchen remodelers in Roanoke. Customer services gave me a great experience and they were patient answering all of my question, I had a lot. Highly recommended for a kitchen remodeling.